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Titanium Druzy by CabAddict – the Green and Real Difference

Posted on 12 August 2015

What are Druzy crystals?
Genuine druzy crystals (also drusy) are formed in volcanic areas of the earth when molten rock cools with trapped gases inside. As groundwater flows through the gaps created by the gases, minerals are deposited on the rocks which, after many centuries, create a blanket of intense crystallization. Beware of synthetic druzy. CabAddict offers only genuine druzy crystals formed by the earth.

Titanium Coatings -- What’s the Diff?
Many druzy (or synthetic druzy) suppliers use radiation and harsh chemicals to simulate titanium coatings. CabAddict uses a superior and environmentally friendly process called Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) that uses only electricity to deposit a thin coating (measured in angstroms) of titanium, silver, gold, cobalt or other high-grade natural metallic. The PVD process not only enhances and preserves the natural beauty and durability of druzy—but also the planet and ecosystems that created it.

Caring for Your Titanium Druzy
Treat CabAddict titanium druzy as an opal or pearl when setting. Do not polish with abrasives or scrape the surface with metal tools when pressing or polishing (especially near the edges). A mild soap and water rinse will maintain the color and clarity of the optical surface of your Krakatoa Gems druzy for a lifetime!

CabAddict Guarantee
All CabAddict titanium druzy are 100% natural agate gemstones formed by the earth. Their beauty and durability are enhanced with natural metallics applied in a superior and environmentally-friendly process.

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